Why attend a workshop?

Here are some good reasons …

· Some rediscover singing and their own voice, always supported by the resonance space of the group.

· Others aim at consciously broadening the quality of their own voice and the sound: they like to work on their improvisational skills to become more secure, free, creative and intensive – both solo and in the ensemble or choir.

· And then, there are the ones who strive for a deeper and more intense access to real connection and learning experiences with their own self and other people. Intuitive music can be a wonderful opener to achieve that.

· Finally, there are the people who love to sing or the ones who have their own choir or circlesong group: they can experience an integral approach to singing in my workshops and grow by leading sessions. During my workshops, I love to focus on the level of music, but also like to reflect on the  process of intuitive singing and on the educational approach to integral learning.


Flow-Chart from the VocalDialog as part of the Goldegger Dialoge

For me, above all, Circlesong is about the musical dialogue that is opening spaces, in which we become creators of music for the moment. Fostering connection through music, with a high energy level we playfully discover, learn and grow – the capacity of our voice and our depth of humanity.