Community singing

… is one of the oldest forms of communication – a physical-tonal collective experience. It creates real connection and touches us deeply by generating a space of common ground, that resonates beyond languages and cultures. 


Let me share some particular features of the circlesong that I offer: it emerges entirely from intuition and the present moment. In that way, vocal arrangements arise from the moment just for that very moment.

Usually, the circlesong gos without words, but uses a universal language from phonemes and syllables from all over the world, scat singing mixed with interlocking vocal clusters, elements of beat boxing combined with contrapuntal vocal loops. And for all that, there is no written music needed, which results in a non-judgemental attitude of the mind. Thus, the singers can be totally immersed in the sound, the rhythm, and the group.

As a result, special and individual experiences around group, sounds and resonance and your own voice can develop – beyond the conventional categories of talented or untalented, experienced or unexperienced. And here is why: whoever can breathe, can sing. And whoever can sing, can sing with others intuitively.

For both professional singers and beginners: Circlesong singing is an invitation

  • to sink in to the present moment,
  • to be confident,
  • to discover and unfold the richness of your own voice,
  • to enjoy the capacity of your singing,
  • to develop a feeling of safety and freedom in improvisation,
  • to experience improvised music from the core as part of a community – either in a small ensemble or a bigger group.

„Singing is the actual mother tongue of humankind.“
Sir Yehudi Menuhin